Rizal Park is in the midst of Manila's hustle and bustle of a concrete jungle stands Rizal Park. A tribute to the country's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, it marks the spot where Rizal, accused by the Spanish authorities of leading the insurrection, was executed by a firing squad. Luneta (as it is commonly called) is a refuge for early morning jogger and tai-chi practitioners. At night, the park is transformed into a romantic rendezvous for lovers. . Apart from its grassy expanse, Luneta also features a planetarium, dozens of fountains, an amphitheatre, a children's playground, a skating rink and the Chinese and Japanese gardens. Direction::Cnr. Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila

Chinese Gardens are found within Rizal Park. The Japanese Gardens are also found within Rizal Park, is authentic but in miniature. It was developed to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the Japanese and Filipino people.

Strolling in THE LUNETA park on Sundays. Also watch the honor guard at the Rizal Memorial in the Park. There are often concerts and other performances. The NATIONAL MUSEUM is at the edge of the park. Great place to watch people and see Filipinos at leisure. There is an outdoor roller skating rink (may still be under repair) that is very popular. # Directions: On Roxas Boulevard near the Manila Hotel. It's fun to take a horse-drawn calesa around the Park. However bargain on the price before you start. It should be about P250=US$5.00 for special round trip, if you are able to bargain without flinching. Other Contact: Ask any cab or calesa driver.

A small botanic garden near Rizal Park. Admission P 100 and P 60 with a student card.

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The national park located in Manila Philippines, a place called before as Bagong Bayan and become a tribute to national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.